Azure AAD Tenant and free Premium trial cannot be removed

Rob Phelps 21 Reputation points

I cannot delete tenants created during the MS Learn path, and it's because of the free trial of AAD Premium.
There are two or three that I want to remove, the third one is an MS Learn tenant I didn't create and have no access to when I attempt to switch to it.

I do NOT have an O365 account to log into to disable the free trials.
I'm feeling like this was a shady bait-and-switch during the MS Learn course to get you to sign up for things you cannot undo (FREE TRIAL), without signing up for 'more things' in order to attempt to 'UNDO the Free Trial'.

This is leaving a poor tasting experience in my mouth.
Many hours wasted trying to figure out how to remove this, only to eventually find out I cannot, when I could've been 'Learning' other Azure related items/courses.

So how do these tenants and 'FREE TRIALS' get removed from Azure without signing up for more Microsoft products I don't want or need?

Microsoft Entra ID
Microsoft Entra ID
A Microsoft Entra identity service that provides identity management and access control capabilities. Replaces Azure Active Directory.
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  1. AmanpreetSingh-MSFT 56,301 Reputation points

    Hi @Rob Phelps · Thank you for reaching out.

    Please perform below steps to delete your trial subscriptions:

    1. If you don't already have a global administrator account, go to > Azure Active Directory > Users > +New User > Create user.
    2. Under Groups and roles section select Global Administrator role:
    3. Go to and sign-in with the new user account.
    4. Under Microsoft Products, cancel the trial that you want to delete as highlighted below:
    5. Once the trial subscription is canceled, you will get an option to remove/delete it.
    6. It may take up to 72 hours for the removal of the trial.


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  1. Rob Phelps 21 Reputation points

    Thanks for your response and attempt at helping Amanpreetsingh.
    I cannot sign in to the O365 account that your link references.

    That portal wants me to use my work account, and it states I don't have permissions:
    "Switch to an account that has permission
    Your account (name@Work .com) doesn’t have permission to view or manage this page in the Microsoft 365 admin center."

    When I attempt to log in using my account that I sign into Azure with:
    "Sign in
    You can't sign in here with a personal account. Use your work or school account instead."


    I have opened a ticket with the MS Azure Support team.
    I got a call this morning, and they have to escalate to the AD Support team.
    One of the 3 unwanted tenants that was automatically created in my account was an MS Learn Sandbox tenant, for which I do not have permissions to view AD accounts or modify.

    MS Support is seeing more and more of this as people activate free trials that are recommended while following the directions in the MS Learn courses.

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  2. Rob Phelps 21 Reputation points

    I should also add, that because I signed up for the free AD Premium trial(s) more than once during the MS Learn course, BEFORE I signed up for my free 1 year Azure Trial, that even though All browser windows were closed after completing the MS Learn course on Azure AD, when I signed up for my free 1 year Azure subscription, MS placed the free subscription into the last AD account I had used during my MS Learn course.

    This means that signing up for the free AD Premium trials that I activated in the MS Learn course created hidden tenants that were held associated with my MS Learn log-on ID, and maintained a 'sticky' association with the last AD account I had used in MS Learn.

    When I signed up for the free 1 year Azure subscription 20-30 minutes later, that subscription was automatically placed into the last AD account used from MS Learn. So now my free azure account subscription is in a contosomarketingXXXXXXX tenant. While I can transfer the subscription to another tenant with a more meaningful and personal naming convention, I CANNOT transfer the Billing Account out of the contosomarketing account because it is a FREE Trial subscription. I get a message indicating that in order to transfer a Free Trial subscription to another billing owner or tenant, I must first upgrade my free account to pay-as-you-go in order to transfer the Free Trial to another user/tenant account.

    I had my new free Azure account all of 15 minutes before I started to see just how boogered-up it was.
    One silver lining to this; I know Azure Tenants, Billing Profiles, Scopes, Subscriptions, and Roles, really, really well now.

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  3. Rob Phelps 21 Reputation points


    I was tripped up by the statement in step One:

    1. "If you don't already have a global administrator account..."

    Since my personal account was already a Global administrator account...

    Once I created a second Global Administrator account anyway, I was then able to log into the Admin Portal and start deleting the AD Premium subscriptions. It appears I still have to wait 3 days to delete the unwanted tenants.

    I still have an Azure trial subscription (that cannot be transferred) in a hokey domain name (which cannot be changed), as well as an MS Learn Tenant I don't have permission to access with AD. So MS AD Support will still have some work to do.

    Thanks for your assistance.

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