Open XML SDK: AddMediaReferenceRelationship and AddVideoReferenceRelationship in Open XML Version 2.13.0 and Open XML Version 2.12.3

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The code is run, both in version 2.13.0 and 2.12.3

Sample Code:

MediaDataPart mediaDataPart1 = document.CreateMediaDataPart("video/mp4", ".mp4");
System.IO.Stream mediaDataPart1Stream = System.IO.File.Open(@"D:\samplevideo.mp4", System.IO.FileMode.Open);

slidePart1.AddMediaReferenceRelationship(mediaDataPart1, "rId2");
slidePart1.AddVideoReferenceRelationship(mediaDataPart1, "rId1");

Sample Result:

In slide1.xml.rels in version 2.12.3

<Relationship Type="" Target="/media/mediadata.mp4" Id="rId2" />
<Relationship Type="" Target="/media/mediadata.mp4" Id="rId1" />

video inside power point presentation is playable

In slide1.xml.rels in version 2.13.0

<Relationship Type="" Target="/media/mediadata.mp4" Id="Rc3519f9b3fa04f59" />
<Relationship Type="" Target="/media/mediadata.mp4" Id="R365391439af74425" />

video inside Power point presentation isn't playable anymore

what happen to relationship id reference in version 2.13.0(e.g. Id="Rc3519f9b3fa04f59" and not Id="rId1") ?

Is this a bug or another feature? Thank you.

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  1. Mike Bowen 1,276 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hi @Ian Hoppus ,

    The Open XML SDK is a GitHub project, so this issue will be handled on GitHub Issues here:

    Mike Bowen
    Microsoft Open Specifications

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