SCVMM 2019 uninstall issue with SPN

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Im experiencing troubles with uninstalling a VMM server from environment where the SPN for the server does not exist.
i did multiple test and yes the uninstall wizard break if he did not see the SPN in active directory.

my question is why?

in situation where you dont have the permission to create the spn the install wizard can proceed and will inform you that the creation was not successful and that you as a admin must correct it.

but during the uninstall it just fail with no explanation - drilling in the vmm logs shows that it fail on SPN check - he does not need to be able to delete it but if he dont see it the vmm uninstall wizard will fail and left the vmm server running

what's behind this behavior is a left over SPN some security risk? or its just a bug?
could the product be uninstalled and you just informed that the spn canot be found or deleted and you must do this manualy? that will save much troubleshooting time

now im in situatoin where i must ask the domain admin to add a SPN record to be abble to uinstall product which i only wanted to test install.

I test this on clear new deployment with clear domain so it can be simulated again.

anybody with same experience or knowledge why this happened -im sure the versions 2016 and 2012 doesnt behave like this during uninstall - if you were in domain where you canot change user object attributes then the SPN just left over and was reused after i reinstaled the vmm version to newer one.
did it form 2012 to 2012R2 form 2012R to 2016 and filnaly now form 2016 to 2019 on multiple production environmets during the years, but my first VMM2019 uinstall end like this.

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