Users getting randomly disconnected from Point to Site VPN

Justin 1 Reputation point

We have a couple users (not all, interestingly enough) that are continually dropping connection to the Point to Site VPN. This can happen as quickly as 5 seconds, or last for 30 minutes. This is a certificate based setup. This also only recently started becoming an issue, first happening Monday. When looking at the event viewer, we are getting the initial error that the connection timed out. Looking at the info right after the error, it mentions Termination is 828, which after looking into it has to do with an idle timeout, which we don't even have set.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

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  1. SaiKishor-MSFT 17,171 Reputation points

    @Justin Thank you for reaching out to Microsoft Q&A. I understand that you are having issues with random disconnects from P2S VPN from some users and not all of them. I also see that you are getting a Idle Timeout with error828.

    Upon further investigation regading this Error 828, it looks like if the "IdleDisconnectSeconds" option is set to 0 the timeout is disabled as per this document.

    When I connect from my machine via P2S, I see this timeout option is set to "never" in my PC thus never triggering this value. Here is a snapshot of the same:


    Can you confirm if you see anything different in these couple of machines that are disconnecting for the "IdleDisconnectSeconds"? Thank you!

  2. Trent Becker 31 Reputation points

    I also am having this issue. No idea why it happens though

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  3. Alisson Machado 1 Reputation point

    Follwing up,

    I have the same problem, if anyone found a solution, let me know.

    I am using OpenVPN, i tried with the version 3 and 2, but it always disconnects from time to time.

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  4. Bas Pruijn 946 Reputation points

    I also had clients complaining about automatic disconnects. They claimed it was usually around 6PM UTC. Their work-around was to switch on the 'connect automatically' switch on the VPN connection. Upon every disconnect the service automatically reconnects. I know this is a work-around, but it stops my clients from complaining ;)

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