Selecting Node values in Array using Xpath

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Hi ,We have a requirement to fecth collection of node values into array from XML.we tried multiple expressions using XPath.but always getting null values.Please help how to get expect results in array.

Values to select: /Upsscs/EcommerceNotification/OrderReferenceFields/ReferenceField

Expected Result is Array=[79787709,936N5D4CPU]


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  1. Daniel Zhang-MSFT 9,611 Reputation points

    Hi @manu ,
    According to your xml file, is it caused by the missing node Order?
    I made a test with a simple xml and I can get the values.
    Here is my code example:

    var xml = XElement.Load(@"C:\Users\Desktop\test.xml");  
            IEnumerable<XElement> de =from el in xml.Descendants("Header").Elements("EcommerceNotification").Elements("Order").Elements("OrderReferenceFields").Elements("ReferenceField") select el;  
            foreach (XElement el in de)  

    And the following is my test.xml:

    <?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?>  
    <Upsscs SchemaVersion="1.0" applicationVersion="1.0.">  
      <EcommerceNotification type="OrderCreatedNotification">  
        <Order number="26875690">  
            <ReferenceField id="1">79787709</ReferenceField>  
            <ReferenceField id="2">936N5D4CPU</ReferenceField>  
            <ReferenceField id="3"/>  
            <ReferenceField id="4"/>  
            <ReferenceField id="5"/>  

    Here is also a related thread you can refer to.
    If the problem is still not resolved, please provide your code and xml file.
    Best Regards,
    Daniel Zhang

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