cost calculation for changing the storage tier from hot to cool for a storage account

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I am planning to change the storage tier of the storage account from HOT--> COOL. I have around 3TB of data in the storage account. So how to get the calculate costing to perform this action.

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  1. Sumarigo-MSFT 44,496 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    @Somiya Welcome to Microsoft Q&A Forum, Thank you for posting your query here!

    Changing the account access tier applies to all access tier inferred objects stored in the account that don't have an explicit tier set. If you toggle the account tier from hot to cool, you'll be charged for write operations (per 10,000) for all blobs without a set tier in GPv2 accounts only. There's no charge for this change in Blob Storage accounts. You'll be charged for both read operations (per 10,000) and data retrieval (per GB) if you toggle from cool to hot in Blob Storage or GPv2 accounts.

    Only hot and cool access tiers can be set as the default account access tier. Archive can only be set at the object level. On blob upload, you can specify the access tier of your choice to be hot, cool, or archive regardless of the default account tier. This functionality allows you to write data directly into the archive tier to realize cost-savings from the moment you create data in blob storage.

    Can I change the storage tier of my Blob storage account?

    Yes. You will be able to change the storage tier by setting the 'Access Tier' attribute on the storage account. Changing the storage tier will apply to all objects stored in the account. Change the storage tier from hot to cool will not incur any charges, while changing from cool to hot will incur a per GB cost for reading all the data in the account.

    When a blob is uploaded or moved between tiers, it is charged at the corresponding rate immediately upon upload or tier change.

    When a blob is moved to a cooler tier (hot->cool, hot->archive, or cool->archive), the operation is billed as a write operation to the destination tier, where the write operation (per 10,000) and data write (per GB) charges of the destination tier apply.

    When a blob is moved to a warmer tier (archive->cool, archive->hot, or cool->hot), the operation is billed as a read from the source tier, where the read operation (per 10,000) and data retrieval (per GB) charges of the source tier apply. Early deletion charges for any blob moved out of the cool or archive tier may apply as well. Rehydrating data from the archive tier takes time and data will be charged archive prices until the data is restored online and the blob tier changes to hot or cool.

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  2. Avinash Mohapatra 5 Reputation points

    Suppose, I have 83tb in hot tier in October and 50% moves to cool tier in November. Now I can calculate cost for hot (83) and cool ( 41.5). But how do I calculate for the write cost here ?

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  3. Andreas Baumgarten 99,461 Reputation points MVP

    Hi @Somiya ;

    the `Azure Price Calculator`` might help:

    Add Storage account in the Azure Price Calculator
    Select you Azure Region
    Enter Capacity (in your case 3TB)
    Select all other values to your needs ( Type, Performance Tier, Storage Account Tier , Redundancy )

    In the drop-down field Access Tier you are able to switch between Hot , Cool and Archive.
    The costs will be recalculated based on your choice.



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    Andreas Baumgarten

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