C# - How not make WPF UI Freeze while elaborating

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I have a button that after I click it send a lot of data in a remote database with a loop, but during this operation whole wpf UI is freezing. My goal is to make the loader work while it is processing everything with the database. My button code:

 private void btn_Start_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
            pb_loader.IsIndeterminate = true; //<- it has to start to make animation

            IEmailService emailService = new EmailService();
            IUserQueryService emailQueryService = new UserQueryService();
            var idIniziale = int.Parse(txtIdIniziale.Text);
            var idFinale = int.Parse(txtIdFinale.Text);
            var n = idFinale - idIniziale;
            string mail = "";
            for(int i=0; i<=n; i++)
                mail = txtMail.Text + idIniziale + "@mail.local";
                var exist = emailQueryService.CheckUserExist(mail); //<- db operation method
                if (exist == false)
                   var lastUniqueId = emailQueryService.GetLastUniqueId();//<- db operation method
                   lastUniqueId = lastUniqueId + 1;
                   var idUtente = emailService.SalvaUtente(mail, lastUniqueId); //<- db operation method
                   emailService.AssegnaReferente(idUtente, txtMail.Text);//<- db operation method
                   emailService.AssegnaRuoli(idUtente); //<- db operation method

            pb_loader.IsIndeterminate = false; //<- it has to end animation of loading
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