Windows 2019 Standard new administrator losing roles

Teofilo Homsany 26 Reputation points

Hi guys good morning,
I created a second domain administrator user on my Windows Server 2019 Standard and I am having issues that the user loses its administrative privileges after a few hours by itself.
Nothing is done, the server is not restarted but that adminstrator just becomes a regular user by itself so I can no longer go in as administrator.
The main administrator always works and does not have any issues but any administrator we create loses its permissions after a few hours and we have to reapply them to have it lose it again after some time.
What could be happening? there is no policy nor anything to disable the administrator after some time etc.
What could be causing this? Its really annoying.

There is a Windows audit log number 4733 that is saying that the user was removed from Local Admin group. Why? I can't see the reason there but the log is showing Windows is removing the user from the group by itself.


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Windows Server Security
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  1. Dave Patrick 341.5K Reputation points MVP

    Might check;
    whoami /groups
    also check the user's UAC settings

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  2. Fan Fan 15,186 Reputation points

    Do you mean you create a common user and add the user to the administrator group then the user will be removed from the group?
    Or you delegated the administrative permission to the users, then the permission will be lost?
    For the first situation, it is suggested to check if there are restricted group policy for the administrator group?
    You can check policies by run command: gpresult /h c:\report.html.

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  3. Dave Patrick 341.5K Reputation points MVP

    Just checking if there's any progress or updates?

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  4. Teofilo Homsany 26 Reputation points

    Looking at logs I am seeing that the user account keeps getting removed from local security policy by iteself.
    Log with ID 4733.
    Dont know why the server is removing that accoun permissions but I see it now in the logs.

  5. Dave Patrick 341.5K Reputation points MVP

    Something here may help.
    The subject should tell you who has made the request.

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