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I have some strange issue, and frankly I am searching for solution for year now. So let me explain my issue:

  1. I have 1 Laptop Asus Rog 17", 3 Custom built Desktop, one is using Asus MainBoard, 2 use Local Manufacturer Mainboard from different Manufacturer
  2. They run Windows 10 Pro and 2 of them run Windows 10 Home.

Now, All these 4 machine has one problem, If I use Headphone with mike (Single Pin with spliter wire or directly in case of Laptop, or 2 Pin) from any manufacturer after 15-20 days their mic stop working.

But if I use 10 yr old earphone with mike from my old nokia phone it works with same spliter on Desktop.

Earphones always work and works long, but Headphone always fails after 15 days to 30 days of working. Their mic goes dead.

I understand it can be driver issue, but I format and try to install offical driver from Mainboard, or from Microsoft, Same driver works for earphone, but headphones always fails.

Problem is I use 2 of computer for my kids who are less than 10yrs and their ears are small to hold earphone in place for their online classes, and with headphone they can hear it fine, but mic fails.

I try to use headphone myself and no matter where and how I install driver they fails.

I try headphone from likes of HP, Logitech, Corseca and other brands, but all end in same fate. If it is one PC issue, I can understand their PIN are bad, I change spliter from different manufacturer, try USB Extension for Microphone. but everything results in mic failure at end and fail occur so soon that it seems maybe something else is problem.

I am not in hope to find a solution for it here, but thinking maybe someone else has similar issue?

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  1. Reza-Ameri 16,831 Reputation points

    Try open start and search for feedback and open the Feedback Hub app and report this issue.
    Try uninstall the current Audio driver and restart your PC so let it use the default Windows Audio driver and see if it works?
    Report this issue to the device manufacturer's support.

  2. Jenny Feng 14,076 Reputation points

    @Sumit Gupta
    When did this issue start to occur? Before the issue happened, did you do any modifications? Or install any updates?
    According to your description, this is a special problem and may be related to the driver.
    Do these computers have anything in common?

    If this problem occurs with different headphones, I suggest you look for the problem from the computer itself.
    Please check if the following general troubleshooting methods are useful for you
    Please note: Information posted in the given link is hosted by a third party. Microsoft does not guarantee the accuracy and effectiveness of information.

    Hope above information can help you.


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  3. Sumit Gupta 26 Reputation points

    Actually I already mention it, that I did driver update, reinstall of driver. Reinstall of Windows, use Troubleshoot. This is very uncommon and I don't really expect to get a one short answer. it can be coincidence that everytime those mike went bad but only mikes create problem from different brands on different computer/laptop surprise me. This is one of those Ghost that exists in technology that we cannot explain at this time maybe. Nothing is really common on those PC not even user. except that I pay for them all..

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