How i can split with 2 characters?

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I have this example code, but this only work with 1 char, i want to split with ", " that mean have 2 characters.

string s = "You, win, some.";

string[] subs = s.Split(',');

foreach (var sub in subs)
    Console.WriteLine($"Substring: {sub}");

Substring: You
Substring: win
Substring: some.

If you look, the second and third result have a space in the beginning
but if i do:

 string[] subs = s.Split(', ');

I have this error:
(3,25): error CS1012: Too many characters in character literal

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    Too many characters in character literal

    You used apostrophe = character and that can be only one char.

    You can also pass a string array to Split function, and in a string you can use more then one char:

    var sep = new string[] { ", " };
    string[] subs = s.Split(sep, StringSplitOptions.None);
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