Migrating solutions among VisualStudio2015s and VisualStudio2019s

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I have more than two PCs and I tried to copy Visual studio solutions from one to another.
The project is MFC app and it imports Active-X control.
It's one project in a solution, it is a single dialog-based application.

I was trying to copy/build/run a solution on a PC to another PC.
Every time when I try to run (in DEBUG mode) I found "debug assertion failure" at dlg.DoModal() of CApp.

I tried from VS2015 to VS2015.
I tried from VS2019community to VS2019community.
I tried from VS2019community to VS2019professional.
(because of this I bought a copy of VS2019professional, but i doesn't work.)
I installed VS2015 and VS2019 on PCs many times, and I am sure the setup is the same.
sometimes the directory name and structure are same among PCs.

It seems the solution doesn't work properly.
It sometimes do not show list of solution files.
Sometimes it won't show my dialog at all.

I would like to ask you the below.

  1. how may i copy a whole solution to another PC. is there any secret?
  2. how can i fix the problem after I copy the solution.

I appreciate your help.

please mail me the answer as well.

best regards,

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    I reproduced the debug assertion for an MFC dialog-based app that uses an ActiveX control -

    The root cause of the problem is either a completely unregistered ActiveX control or a difference between the bitness of the registered ActiveX control and the bitness of the MFC dialog-based application. Both problems trigger the debug assertion from the MFC dialog-based application.

    A 64-bit version of the control must be registered for a 64-bit application and a 32-bit version of the control must be registered for use in a 32-bit application.

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  1. Tianyu Sun-MSFT 27,801 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi @정락 하 ,

    Welcome to Microsoft Q&A forum.

    Generally, Visual Studio is backwards compatibility with previous versions, but support for some project types changes over time, newer version of VS might not support certain project at all, or it might require that you update a project so that it’s no longer backwards-compatible.

    Actually migrating project is simple but is also complex, it depends on the specific project.

    Simple -> Open the project which is developed with VS 2015 in VS 2019, and VS 2019 will successfully open it and you can continue to develop.

    Complex -> Sometimes, some used libraries/files/configurations are changed/not supported in the newer version of VS and this may cause errors.

    Of course, there are some ways to avoid some errors during the migrating, you can refer to this document: Upgrade C++ projects from earlier versions of Visual Studio, and this document: Microsoft C++ porting and upgrading guide. But if other errors appear, you need to solve them one by one by analyzing the error message and similar issues.

    I’m not sure whether this error which you mentioned is related to your codes/project, did your project build and run well in VS 2015 or in the original(first used) VS XXXX you used?

    Besides, perhaps this document: Porting Guide: MFC Scribble may help.

    Best Regards,

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