WinSrv2019 VPN server : VPN clients have issues with routing

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VPN clients connected to my WinSrv2019 RRAS server can't reach another computer on the same LAN as the VPN server.
(VPN Server with one interface card).

Here is the configuration
My LAN is, which corresponds to addresses - (subnet mask
The VPN server IP address is
The IP range for VPN clients is to (so they get LAN addresses)

Authentication works fine (IKE + NPS Radius server)

The VPN server internal network interface gets IP address
The first VPN client connected gets

The VPN client is able to ping
The VPN client is able to ping (LAN Interface of the VPN server)
But the VPN client has no answer while pinging, which is another server (firewall off...) on the same LAN as the VPN server.
With wireshark installed on the VPN server I can see ICMP request going out to, but no answer.

IP forwarding is enabled on the VPN server.

I can't understand what happens, and I already lost hours on this issue.

Any help will be appreciated and welcome :)


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  1. Sunny Qi 10,941 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor


    Welcome to Q&A platform.

    My understanding is your VPN client can obtain LAN IP address from VPN server and can ping VPN server with the LAN IP successfully but cannot ping the server ( in the same LAN as VPN server successfully. And from the Wireshark result, you found that the ICMP request was sent to the server with IP but cannot get the corresponded response for this device. Please correct me if there is any misunderstanding.

    Before we go further, I would like to confirm the following questions with you:

    Can the VPN client ping the another device in the same LAN successfully?

    Is there any anti-virus software between the VPN client and the server with IP If yes, please try to temporarily the third-party software to see if the issue still existed.

    Or please try to disable Windows Firewall on servers and clients simultaneously to see if the issue still existed.

    Best Regards,


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