C# to C++/MFC duplex mode - Concept

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I have a static MFC C++ application, I cannot change it. (CLI is not possible)

I now need to pass data from a C# DLL in the C++ application and transfer it from the C++ to the C# DLL. What possibilities do I have to implement this successfully.


Can you show an example

SendDataOrderToCPP(string order, double price, int amount)  
ResponseDataOrderToCSharp(string order, double price, int amount)  

Is there a possibility that the C# DLL sends an event and I can evaluate the value in the C++ app?

Is it possible that the C++ exe sends an event and I can evaluate the value in the C# DLL?

How would I have to create this?


I need to implement a WinForm in C# in which I can make inputs. I have to analyse these inputs in C++.

After the analysis, I have to send new data from C++ to C# to display the calculated values.

Or I need an additional DLL ?

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