How to create new column with dynamic existing columns with azure data factory/dataflow?

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I want using azure datafactory or dataflow to convert a variable column file as below sample <data> .
Please tell me how can I do it? Thanks!!

-array parameter: ["flag1,typeA1,typeB1", "flag2,typeA2,typeB2",...,"flagN,typeAN,typeBN"]
-expression: flag = (typeA >= typeB)

-source csv: from salesforce, flag is old value, need to convert with new type value. flag1,typeA1,typeB2,flag2,typeA2,typeB2,...,flagN,typeAN,typeBN


-sink csv: Expected results flag1,flag2,...flagN

false,true,...,true <- flag1 = false(1 >=2), flag2 = true(4>=3), flagN=true(2>=2)

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