Error converting data type varchar to float.

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Below is query,

SELECT sum(isnull(Convert( float,Rec.Sell_Amt ),0))-sum(isnull(convert(float ,Pr.Rec_Amt ),0))as Amt,Pr.Level_Four_ID
FROM     tbl_Receivable_Customer AS Rec
left outer join tbl_Received_Amount Pr 
on Pr.Sell_ID=Rec.Sell_ID

where rec.Sell_Del is null and pr.Sell_Del is null

group by pr.Level_Four_ID
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  1. Tomáš Zíka 256 Reputation points

    What is the error (number and message)?
    We don't have access to your table definitions and data, so we cannot replicate the issue.

    My guess is that the varchar column container other than numeric data.
    You can find them by using

    WHERE TRY_CAST([yourVarcharCol] as float) IS NULL  

    TRY_CAST documentation:

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