Identifying clients on a Server-side blazor app

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I would like to know if there is way of identifying clients on a Server-side blazor app.

The problem:
We are using aprox 50 handhelds based on Windows CE and we are trying to convert the app to Blazor which will be used on Android handhelds.

It is essential that each handheld identifies itself. In Windows CE, we have a config file and in this config file there is a line like: Handheld: 01

I cannot believe that we are the only company that would like to identify the clients in a manner like this.
So there should be a solution for this.

The current software for our handhelds is split in two parts.
One web service processes all data from all the handhelds (that is why the client needs to be identified)
Each handheld communicates with the web service and basically only displays data and sends out a selection.

We would like to create a server side blazor app that communicates with the existing web service.
We have already made quite some progress, but we need this identification.

Of course if it is not possible we could let the user select the handheld at startup, but that is asking for problems.

Kind regards,
Clemens Linders

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