how can I have a mailbox with my new domain buy in azure.

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I have buy a new domain in azure, now i need somes personalized emails address like somethin@Company portal .com and managed them, what can i do? I need a service like webmail, squirelmail or any other. I don't like 365 pay for user options offered.

Microsoft Exchange Online Management
Microsoft Exchange Online Management
Microsoft Exchange Online: A Microsoft email and calendaring hosted service.Management: The act or process of organizing, handling, directing or controlling something.
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  1. Siva-kumar-selvaraj 15,546 Reputation points

    Hello @Cesar NEVES ,

    Thank you for your query and welcome to Microsoft Q&A forum community :) .

    I believe you already have azure subscription since you mention that you have brought a domain on Azure. If you would like to use something like webmail or squirrelmail , then you will have run a mail server and maintain it . To run it securely you would have to setup and use public certificates which will be a separate yearly cost or you can try to use Letsencrypt for temporary certificate in case you have a personal use case. In case of Letsencrypt certificates the limitation is that they are valid for only 3 months and you would need to manually run a task to update and renew them.

    Now there are multiple options here if you want to manage your own email infrastructure .

    1. You could setup a linux VM within your azure subscription and setup squirrelmail / roundcube etc. as per your requirement but you will need to call Microsoft support to get SMTP port opened for allowing mailflow on your linux VM because outbound port 25 is blocked by default on non-enterprise azure subscriptions. Please check the Troubleshooting outbound Email on azure. We generally recommend users to use a SMTP relay service like SendGrid to send mails from Azure and not send it directly from the VMs due to mails getting filtered on the receiving end.

    There are some limitations for Azure Pay-as-you-go subscriptions. I would suggest you to go through the article listed above to get more clarity .

    1. If you choose to use Sendgrid relay , you can set it up from within azure . Please search for the new offering called "Twilio Sendgrid" It is free for sending 100 mails/day and you can scale up as per your needs.


    We recommend you use authenticated SMTP relay services to send email from Azure VMs or from Azure App Service. (These relay services typically connect through TCP port 587, but they support other ports.) These services are used to maintain IP and domain reputation to minimize the possibility that external domains reject your messages or put them to the SPAM folder

    I think you can setup a LINUX VM on a size depending upon number of users you want to get it with . But managing it will be another big effort . Hence Its better to either use a mail relay or Office 365 .

    I am sorry that pay per user for Microsoft 365 emails is something that you do not want and I wish there was something I could suggest but that is the easiest way to have an email address with Microsoft services . It also provides a lot of features which you can use such as stay a step ahead with the latest AI-powered apps:​

    • Connect and stay organized with business-class email, calendaring, and contacts all in one place.
    • Create inspiring documents with smart assistance features in Word, Excel & PowerPoint​
    • Use Microsoft 365 on your desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone.
    • OneDrive cloud storage and lot more

    Office 365 service provides different pricing model starting from $5.00 user/month pricing, here are details comparison:

    I believe it provides great value for money and allows anyone to focus on their business without worrying about IT infrastructure.

    Hope this helps.

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  2. PauloMatos 170 Reputation points

    You can use Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) that has an pay per use offer, with less functionalities than Outlook 365. I did not try it.

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