Windows Server 2019 USB Selective Suspend don't turn off for USB Hub

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Hi everyone!

I have 3 usb hubs with 10 ports each. 28 USB tokens plugged there. They are used by accountants to sign up documents. My problem is - after few minutes USB tokens switch to suspend mode and random of them will not wake again, so I forced to re-plug them.

I have tried:

  1. To turn off «USB suspend» in Power management and in hub settings (Device Management) – no result. All power-safe features turned off in BIOS (Supermicro X9SRI-3F REV: 1.20).

2) To Turn On or Off USB Selective Suspend Setting in Command Prompt

3) Disable Selective Suspend feature
I dont have "pure" USB registry subkey - so I created DWORD "DisableSelectiveSuspend" in every usb* registry subkey.

My workaround is reset main hub in computer management if token don't answer.

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  1. 2021-07-05T06:44:59.897+00:00

    Hello there,

    This prevent usb suspend issue might beyond Forum topic Server.
    I did some research about this prevent usb suspend issue after receiving your question.
    I find out that There are two ways to suspend :
    One is the host control suspend (if there is no USB activity in 3ms, the device will generate a SUSPEND interrupt);
    The other is the automatical device suspend (write any value to the SUSPEND register). In that case, disable the usb registers which control suspend and wake up will help.

    You may find reference in beneath two links:
    USB Selective Suspend

    Preventing USB device suspension


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    Best Regards,
    Samson Peng

  2. Pavel.Dyachuk 246 Reputation points

    After a year we bought another model of USB hubs. Previous model was ST Lab U-500. New one - CBR CH 310(additionally I replaced native usb cable and power adapter with cable and adaptor from ST Lab U-500) , Ginzzu GR-315UB, Defender Quadro Swift USB2.0. None of the USB Tokens were suspended so far) USB hubs are in production for three weeks).
    I assume that the problem was in the way how ST Lab U-500 worked with Supermicro X9SRI-3F and Windows Server 2019. It works fine on another machine and OS.

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