Wake On Lan uses wrong IP

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I’m trying to wake up some of my clients using endpoint configuration manager. After issuing the request, I can see the following two lines in the BgbServer.log:

Sending machine specific push task (ClientID: GUID:62563B92-B9C6-4476-B494-9CE9BAD0E2C6 TaskParam: <WakeupInfo WakerMachineID="16778080"> <NetworkInfo SleepingMachineID="16777836" IPAddress="" IPSubnet="" MACAddress="6C:0B:84:3C:B7:AC" MulticastAddress="" Flags="0" /></WakeupInfo>)    SMS_NOTIFICATION_SERVER 02.07.2021 23:01:29 10868 (0x2A74)
Sending machine specific push task (ClientID: GUID:EB14E467-80A6-4FAD-AA01-FB4F49906452 TaskParam: <WakeupInfo WakerMachineID="16778102"> <NetworkInfo SleepingMachineID="16777836" IPAddress="" IPSubnet="" MACAddress="0A:00:27:00:00:03" MulticastAddress="" Flags="0" /></WakeupInfo>)    SMS_NOTIFICATION_SERVER 02.07.2021 23:01:29 10868 (0x2A74)

If I check the device in endpoint configuration manager, both MAC addresses from the two log entries, i.e. 0A:00:27:00:00:03 and 6C:0B:84:3C:B7:AC, are listed there. And in fact, the device has two NICs, one being the actual ethernet NIC (6C:0B:84:3C:B7:AC, and one being a virtual NIC (0A:00:27:00:00:03, created by oracle virtual box to allow network access for VMs hosted on the device. Unfortunately, the wake up does not work and in fact, a closer look at the two log entries shows that the entries for both MAC addresses uses the IP subnet, which of course wont work. It should use for the MAC 6C:0B:84:3C:B7:AC but it does not seem to. In fact, if I check which clients got the given IDs (GUID:62563B92-B9C6-4476-B494-9CE9BAD0E2C6, GUID:EB14E467-80A6-4FAD-AA01-FB4F49906452) they are in completely different subnets, probably also having the subnet due to also having the virtual NIC.

Does someone have an idea how I can fix this?
Any help would be highly appreciated!

Microsoft Configuration Manager
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