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My computer keeps saying failed to load boot sequence. It started when I though I had a virus on my computer or it was someone monitoring my computer {government} w.e . I take privacy serious so I ended up deleting some regedit files on my computer. Did this when my firewall turned off. (Was testing something) I wanted to see why BT AA 77 Bluetooth SSID was showing in my active connections on the Bluetooth network. So when I did trying to look into this I ended up getting booted off my own hard drive. My network is now shared with this unknown device and it now says I have localuser_A7421 as a user. I can no longer get into my administrator account. Password is loading wrong and saying it is incorrect so I’m using my secondary local account.

i bought this laptop Latitude E7450 on Amazon and didn’t know anything about networking, firewalls, and why my laptop is connected to Microsoft’s Virtual Hard drive. It even has a URI dns for it. This could be because Of the Sandbox feature I installed. Didn’t know it would go to the Azure network. I thought sandbox was local.

My dell loads in my local account, but I can only get the internet browser working by using Windows RUn. I have no elevated access even when I try icacls. I don’t have GP.

im now trying to reinstall windows. 10 pro I have backup on USB . But after researching about privacy issues with big brothers surveillance I now know that Windows 10 pro is a nightmare for people that hate government surveillance and respect privacy. I want to install windows 7 now what are the best BIOS settings to use for anyone that may know. Sata or RAID ? I’m choosing raid right now to see if it will work better. And parrellel port PS2 for better performance. I shut the WWAN/GPS off since I don’t want the government spying on me , I also deactivated Bluetooth so the illegal brain implant they gave me won’t cause a MITM attack. I know to disabled WiFi port settings when I reset. For example you will want to disable neighborhood discovery, anti malware, Up2p, P2P and NIC which directly connects wireless devices without you actually knowing.

I want some advice from an expert. I paid 700$ for a dell latitude E7450 i7 16GB 250MB SSD . I am an entrepreneur so I want my privacy therefore I want to go to windows 7 but I also need to choose the settings to get my laptop working again. I am able to download files but cannot execute them since it won’t allow me to elevate anything. Can someone help me figure out how to get back into my Microsoft account? I’m doing my best right now to reinstall at the privacy settings so I’m needing someone who knows more about this.

Windows 10 Network
Windows 10 Network
Windows 10: A Microsoft operating system that runs on personal computers and tablets.Network: A group of devices that communicate either wirelessly or via a physical connection.
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    In my option, the best case of your scenario is to reinstall the laptop and reset everything including to recreate your administrator account etc.

    Since you valued privacy so much, you may refer to the following link to clean Install Windows 7. Here “clean” means to remove an existing operating system entirely and replace it with a fresh installation of Windows 7.
    Be aware: As of January 2020, Microsoft is no longer supporting Windows 7.

    Please note: Information posted in the given link is hosted by a third party. Microsoft does not guarantee the accuracy and effectiveness of information.

    Best Regards,
    Mulder Zhang


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