What Does Correct Provisioning 'Look Like' in Keychain Access?

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I am having enormous trouble (as in two weeks and counting) getting my code to deploy to my physical iPhone, even though I have been through this Provisioning process many times before.

I follow the instructions to create my Provisioning Profile on the Apple Developer website, download the .cer file and double-click it on the Mac to install it. I get a brief progress indicator and the certificate does appear in my Keychain. I install the actual Provisioning Profile on the physical iPhone in XCode and this too appears to go okay.

But something is wrong. When I inspect my account in Visual Studio, the Certificate and Provisioning Profile are found but the 'Developer ID Application Certificate' and the 'Developer ID Installer Certificate' are listed as not being in the keychain.

When I had this working before, I seem to recall there was some nesting in the Keychain application and I am not sure this is the same now.
I have a few questions that may help me sort this out:

  1. Besides my login private key, should there be anything else nested under my Development Certificate?
  2. How do you manipulate this nesting in Keychain?
  3. What is the correct certificate I should have in order to develop on my own iPhone?
  4. And which keychain should this stuff be installed in - login, Local, System or System Roots?
  5. The Certificate with my name against it is listed as 'self-signed root' and has a warning that it is not signed by a third party; is this correct?

A workaround I have considered is installing Visual Studio on the Mac, trying to get the Provisioning working there then copying the whole solution back to the PC. Is there any way to get this to work?

Please feel free to answer just a single question. I am getting so desperate with this that any fragment of a clue may help me.

Kind wishes - Patrick

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