Download Sharepoint and OneDrive files from MS Graph API returning Error 400

Edwin Fajar 146 Reputation points

Previously, I have no problem when downloading Sharepoint and OneDrive files from MS Graph API using this endpoint Download the contents of a DriveItem. But since the 3rd of July 2021, I got Error 400 when downloading the file.

I tried to hit these endpoints using Application Permission and have Files.ReadWrite.All roles

GET /sites/{siteId}/drive/items/{item-id}/content
GET /users/{userId}/drive/items/{item-id}/content

And also tried to make a request directly to the URL from @microsoft.graph.downloadUrl property and got the same Error 400 result with this body.

  "error": {  
    "code": "invalidRequest",  
    "innerError": {  
      "code": "badArgument"  
    "message": "One of the provided arguments is not acceptable."  

I also see something strange from the response header at docID value. Usually, it has our site id value, but this one has value like this. The 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 seems like a dummy value.


Any idea what is the cause? Is there any bug? Or I should add more property to the header?

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  1. Edwin Fajar 146 Reputation points

    Hi @Michael ,

    Like @Andriejus said, we have another tenant where the download file works and there are several tenants that also didn't works.
    But I just check again this morning and now the download file works. I will check again for another tenant that has the same issue before.

    Thank you for your reply.

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  1. Tommy Thorsen 21 Reputation points

    I have the same problem. It appeared around the same time as OP describes.

    If I grab the downloadUrl, and paste it into my browser's url bar, I get the same error message. However, if I first strip out the tempauth parameter from the downloadUrl, the download succeeds (since I am logged into sharepoint in my browser, and don't strictly need the url auth).

    This might indicate either a problem with generating or with parsing the JWT payload used for the tempauth parameter.

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  2. Andriejus 61 Reputation points

    We have another tenant where download link returned by /content endpoint works. I tried comparing tokens received by endpoint where it works and one where it does not but besides values unique for that request, the tokens are the same.
    Like @Tommy Thorsen mentioned, removing tempauth query parameter does allow downloading files. This is not a solution though.

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  3. Martin 26 Reputation points
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  4. Cathleen Raschke 11 Reputation points

    Having the same problem when using @microsoft.graph.downloadUrl property on our production tenant.
    It worked up until the last few days and it still works on our test tenant.

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