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Hello, I checked the Yeoman tool for Office Add-ins. Specifically for Outlook.

I want to use angular for the UI and I'm wondering if there is a reason for the tool to create the project structure with Angular 5, this seems too outdated.

I've been struggling with the scaffold solution, standard Angular CLI commands don't work out of the box, and I tried also to update from 5 to 6 without luck, or at least without too much effort. I don't see the point in adding from 5 to the latest. It makes more sense to me to adjust a newer Angular project to the manifest and Office requirements.

Could someone point me towards the right direction?

I would like to use Office JS and Microsoft Graph, the idea is basically to have all set up using modern versions of the Angular framework. If another UI framework suits better for this based on your experience I want to hear the pros and cons of it.

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Office Development
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