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Karin Linenberger 1 Reputation point

an autonumber has disappeared from my primary table, but it shows up in a report. Why is an Autonumber missing from my primary table?

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  1. Karin Linenberger 1 Reputation point

    AutoNumber field keeps my records in proper order. Upon completion of data entry, I printed a report and the first thing I check is if AutoNumber is in numeric order. All AutoNumbers are in order. I check my data entry, made a couple corrections and looked at the Primary Table, which appears as:
    Obviously, 9557 is missing. I repopulated the fields as AutoNumber 9558, but the report shows 9557 AND 9558 with the same data.

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  2. Karin Linenberger 1 Reputation point

    This issue is not resolved!!!

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  3. Karin Linenberger 1 Reputation point

    I'm going to sleep now

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  4. Viki Ji_MSFT 4,411 Reputation points

    @Karin Linenberger ,
    Welcome to Q&A forum!
    Did you delete 9557 by mistake before?
    Please try the following steps to check this issue.

    1. Backup and open your Access database, change the field from “AutoNumber” to “Number” in the broken table.
    2. Switch to View mode and add the missing record.
    3. Copy and Paste only the structure of the table, and rename it to Table_structure.
    4. Change the field of Table_structure to “AutoNumber” and save it.
    5. Select the original Table, click Create>Query Wizard>Simple Query Wizard>add all Fields to Selected Fields>click Finish.
    6. Select the new Table Query, switch to Design mode, click Append>select Table_structure>OK>click Run.
    7. Then close and open the structure table to have a check.

    Besides, here is an official article How to reset an AutoNumber field value in Access may be helpful to you, please have a check.

    Any updates, please let me know.

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