SSL library load errors on Windows 10 Enterprise (multiple apps showing error)

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I found a fix for this error on a MS Support page, but it is for Windows 7 and am running Windows 10 Enterprise. Can anyone advise if I run the easy fix download file (see download button on MS Support page) if that fix to update the registry settings will work on Windows 10 Enterprise as well as Windows 7? I have searched for a similar Support page for Windows 10 but cannot find one.

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Windows 10 Compatibility
Windows 10 Compatibility
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    The KB3140245 you mentioned is not applied for Windows 10.

    Beginning with Windows 10, version 1607 and Windows Server 2016, SSL 2.0 has been removed and is no longer supported, SSL 3.0 has been disabled by default.

    TLS 1.2

    This subkey controls the use of TLS 1.2.

    For TLS 1.2 default settings, see Protocols in the TLS/SSL (Schannel SSP).

    Registry path: HKLM SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\SecurityProviders\SCHANNEL\Protocols

    To enable the TLS 1.2 protocol, create an Enabled entry in either the Client or Server subkey as described in the following table. This entry does not exist in the registry by default. After you have created the entry, change the DWORD value to 1.

    Detailed information here:


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