Can Powerpoint pass the template's path to a new spawned presentation?

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I am creating a simple Powerpoint VBA macro in a .POTM template, which will be available to several home users from a shared location. It should:

  1. Find & read a named text file in the same shared location;
  2. Read a new filename string listed in the text file;
  3. Import slides from several .PPTX files (from the same shared location) listed in the text file, into the new presentation;
  4. Save the new .PPTX file into the same shared location.

To do this, I need to pass the location (path) of the .POTM template file into the new presentation created when the .POTM is double-clicked.
(This shared location will map differently for each home user - outside my control).

Is this likely to be possible?

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  1. Laila Mohamed 1 Reputation point

    Yes, PowerPoint can pass the template path to a new presentation

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