Which MVVM Framework should I use?

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Hi Xamarin Family,

I have an application that I have been developing for years with Xamarin Forms and is on the market and used by thousands of users. From the day I started to develop the application, I have constantly updated my project in the face of new developments. I continue to develop my project architecture in accordance with general views.

I'm using a layered architecture and MVVM. I also have Syncfusion integration in my Project.I follow the developments of the Xamarin team closely, and the Xamarin Community Toolkit etc. I'm trying to use packages like.

I've read that some things can be done more easily and effectively with MVVM Framework's when implementing MVVM in my project. So I think such an integration could be important for my project.

Maybe my big mistake was not using any MVVM Framework(MVVMCross, MvvmLight, PrismMVVM, ReactiveUI) even though I have a detailed application.
Additionally, of course, I want to migrate my project to .Net Maui soon.

Here are some of my questions that I would like to ask you and that I think may be useful for developers in my situation;

  1. How useful would it be to integrate MVVM Framework into my project?
  2. If you absolutely recommend me to use it, which MVVM Framework should I choose?
  3. Considering the workload that will arise when migrating a large project to the MVVM Framework, do you think it makes sense to do this integration?
  4. Will this integration have any positive or negative impact on my application in terms of performance?
  5. Do you suggest I do this integration before the upcoming .Net MAUI migration?

Your opinions are very valuable to me. Thanks in advance.

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