Nightmare!!! OneDrive for Business - remote wipe devices connected ('BYOD' only for Android and iOS)

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why MS Dev Team cannot develop a way to admins perform the wipe of OneDrive synchronization on Windows??

It´s so hard ask something like OWA process described in this video?????

>> The 'Bad guys' with high code programming skills can develop a RANSOMWARE, but the MS TEAM cannot protect its customers.

The Context

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many customers sent employees to work at home, that means that some users are using Windows Home on their personal desktop/laptop devices.

This means:

  1. IT team need to connect remotely to those computers, check all updates, install office, OneDrive and etc and also set up them. Since Windows Home version cannot add another account except 'Microsoft Account', the user cannot log in with a apart account, so the IT team need to add another local user only to be used with corporate purposes or even create a new account like ' .com' just for that 'mission'. Make no sense!
  2. The users needs access files and when comparing FILESERVER with OneDrive regarding permissions, it´s '8 or 80' or '0 and 1', do you have access or not in the folder structure - the experience to manage permissions on the cloud is not the best. The main concern to one of our customer is that employee has 'offline' copies of company documents. I know, here someone can say that we can set to be able to use only on some devices or even use only from web browsers and etc. Employees can share anyfolders, copy from onefolder to another, copy content to his personal G-Drive or Dropbox app and etc. Where is the security of data in times of GPDR/LGPD (Brazil)????

If the company need to fire some employee, we need ask to access his personal computer to uninstall office, delete outlook profile, stop sync and remove account in the OneDrive. This manual work make no sense!

Why do you can perform the 'remote wipe' for Android or iOS devices but for Windows devices not????

If you seach on google as 'onedrive remote wipe' you will find many users with the same dificulties, sometimes using personal computer or even using corporate computer - the concern is the same - the security!

As admins of Office365 tenants, we need to be able:

  1. Automate and secure access on another 'BYOD' Windows computers!
  2. When the employee is fired, we need remotelly be sure that all sync was finished and no copies was leave locally.
  3. If users remove/delete files, we need to know! Not one by one but maybe 01 time a week receive a report about these actions.
  • Sorry for unburdening
OneDrive Management
OneDrive Management
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  1. Viki Ji_MSFT 4,411 Reputation points

    Welcome to Q&A forum!

    According to your description, your issues are related to the automation of the OneDrive program and is currently not supported in the Q&A.
    I suggest you click OneDrive icon and go to Help & Setteings>Send feedback to post your suggestions to Microsoft directly. Thanks for your understanding!

    But I fully understand your confusion about the above question, per my research, if users download files from OneDrive and SharePoint using a personal computer instead of a company-issued computer, you will not be able to wipe the files they have stored.
    And I found there is a similar thread One Drive for Business, Sync Client and Terminating Employee, you may refer to Jared Cheng's reply to vote the post: Remote wipe of PC's for organizations.

    Besides, here are 2 official articles, you may have a look.
    Remove a former employee and secure data
    Prevent users from downloading content from a site

    Hope the information could be helpful to you.

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    This would be future features request. Security is paramount.

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