Calling Rest Api with Web Activity cannot parse the Response

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I have the following scenario need to call a Rest API to query a Database and save result to Azure Data Lake Gen 2.

I tried the REST API with PostMan and Soap UI and I have no problems, but when I try to use ADF I have issues. I managed to get the Token and used other Methods, but one is driving me crazy. I can get the Response through the Web Activity but no matter what "accept" I use in the header (CSV or JSON) I always get the following response:

"Response": "x��RMS�0\u0014�/\\u0015'�S{K�G�%\t��h���\u0007=y����}P�q\u0004d����f_�}&g\r%\u0010�d���� �&��Tt揑L܉�OO�v΂�@���ں���U�x�a\u001ar@+�#p�)�)\u0004m\u0010\u0014YI!�j�d�ch=\u0012\u0004B�s�=pB���x�ܜ�茂\u000f�~K\u0019(�C�~&fY֩X�Xo��&kS<�H�O\u000f��#\u0016����ָ��\u0018OgQ5ѲU�_�d��C�!\u0016�ˈ�zhD�rj&\u0018�ʣ\u0006l#�~�����U�}��L�\u0010B�8=�\u0016\"����0QZUJ�ە�^�:�:\u0002�w�\rr�\u0016��)��\u000f7�Eډ��\u0006\u000b��\u0014*PF��%�=R\�r�v�a�*�R��V6=F\u0004�a\"\u0016\u0019�\��\u0018�lIkMy\u0007�:W�~�O|�פWt6��\u0007�� ���J�(__�s1��(\u0011��KW_�!�\t�",
"ADFWebActivityResponseHeaders": {

Any idea?

Also is there a limitation for the Response Dimension?

I wanted to use the Copy activity but having similar issues.


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  1. ShaikMaheer-MSFT 38,301 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hi @Silvano P ,

    Thank you using Microsoft Q&A Platform.

    Thanks for sharing details on requested asks.
    HTTP connector should be used to download files from API.
    REST connector can be used if your response is json data(not json or csv file).

    Based on your API response you can choose either of above connectors. Thank you.

    Hope this will help.


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