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I am using{{driveId}}/items/{{folderId}}/search(q='blah')?select=name,id,file. Its not returning images that have the specific value 'blah' set in one of the column.

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  1. Md Asif Muztaba 245 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    It seems like you’re experiencing an issue where the Microsoft Graph API is not returning image files when you specify a folder ID in your search query. This is a known issue.

    The problem appears to occur mostly with image files like PNG and JPG when you specify the parent folder’s ID in the search query. However, if you perform the search at the drive root level, those images can be found.

    One possible workaround suggested is to use the Search API, including ParentLink:/FolderName, along with Path to retrieve files and images from a parent folder within a document library. Here’s an example of how you might structure your request:

      "requests": [
          "entityTypes": ["driveItem"],
          "query": {
            "queryString": "searchstring AND Path: Documents AND ParentLink:/FolderName"

    This should return both files and images from the specified parent folder.

    Please note that it’s also possible that your requests are being throttled, especially if you’re seeing HTTP 429 responses. If that’s the case, you might consider using the Graph batch API to issue multiple queries at the same time.

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