Azure b2c session doesn't expire

Roshan Srivastava 26 Reputation points


I am using Azure b2c with web app integration and it works fine but there are few issue that I noticed which i could not figure out how to do.

  1. After closing browser the session is not getting terminated
  2. Session also doesn't expire if I reopen browser after 2-3 hour
  3. On clicking logout the page is not redirect to my logout page even though I am passing redirect uri


Azure Active Directory External Identities
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  1. James Hamil 12,976 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hi @Roshan Srivastava , you most likely need to tweak some settings to get this to work. This thread goes into great detail on how you can accomplish this. Also, please take a look at this document. It details how you can customize the session behavior. If you've already viewed this documents or have any other questions please let me know.

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  2. Roshan Srivastava 26 Reputation points

    113497-sign-in2.pngI get that the refresh token may be the reason for the silent authentication. But is there a way to turn off the refresh token flow as the minimum value in the config i can set is 1 days.

    The configuration b2c is attached as image. In startup I have following code to enable openid connect

                services.AddMicrosoftIdentityWebAppAuthentication(serviceProvider.GetRequiredService<IConfiguration>(), "AzureAdB2C");  
                services.Configure<OpenIdConnectOptions>(OpenIdConnectDefaults.AuthenticationScheme, configureOptions: option =>  
                    option.GetClaimsFromUserInfoEndpoint = true;  
                    option.Events = new OpenIdConnectEvents();  
                    option.Events.OnAuthorizationCodeReceived = context =>  
                        // var idToken = context.;  
                        return Task.CompletedTask;  
                    option.Events.OnTicketReceived = context =>  
                        context.HttpContext.Session.SetString("sign-id", context.HttpContext.Session?.Id ?? Guid.NewGuid().ToString());  
                        // var idToken = context.;  
                        return Task.CompletedTask;  
                    option.Events.OnTokenValidated = OpenIdConnectionExtension.OnTicketReceivedCallback;  
                    option.Events.OnRemoteFailure = OpenIdConnectionExtension.OnRemoteFailure;  
                    option.Events.OnRemoteSignOut = context =>  
                        return Task.CompletedTask;