How To profile Xamarin forms app with dotMemory

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HELLO EVERYONE, i'm trying to profile xamarin forms app with dotmemory which ask me to give him the .exe of the app that i cant find anywhere.
i search in the web on how or where i can find it, but nothing.
can anyone please tell me where i can find the exe of xamarin forms app, or if there is another way profilling the xamarin forms app with dotMemory.

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  1. imad diraa 41 Reputation points

    @Alessandro Caliaro yes, in the end i found that to profile xamarin forms app, you have to use xamarin profiler that can be used in visual studio x enterprise, which is not that great as dotmemory. but in the end there is a dotmemory library which is free that allow us to profile the xamarin forms app at runtime throught the code.

    you can also as suggested from @Kyle Wang , compile the Xamarin.UWP at exe and profile it from dotmemory wich is the only way.
    but unfortunately i have a complected app that require a lot of work to compile it in UWP.

    thanks for the answer

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