Is the TFVC integration slowly becoming useless?

Rod At Work 866 Reputation points

For the last few months, I've noticed it is getting harder to use TFS/TFVC with Visual Studio 2019. Very often when I go into Team Explorer, then try to go to Pending Changes, VS 2019 hangs. For an exceptionally long time. After 5 minutes of it hanging (yes, I've timed it) I must kill VS 2019 because it will not respond to anything. Within the last couple of weeks, it has gotten harder. Now, every time I get into Pending Changes VS 2019 always hangs. This is a showstopper. I can no longer check in code changes.

I know that Microsoft internally is moving away from using TFVC in favor of Git. And trust me, I am totally on board with that, personally. But the company I work for is wedded to TFVC. For most of my developer colleagues the only way you'll get them to give up TFVC is when you pry it from their cold, dead hands.

So, is there some way I can once again using VS 2019 with TFS/TFVC, without it hanging?

I'm using VS 2019 version 16.10.3

We're using TFS 2015

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  1. Ken Tucker 5,846 Reputation points

    I am wondering about your TFS server. Are you sure it is in not running slow?

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  2. Rod At Work 866 Reputation points

    That is a good question, @Ken Tucker , you may be onto something. No, I'm not sure that it isn't my TFS server running slow. Or some sort of slow connection. I've been working from home since March 2020 (and loving it), but early on I found that doing development while remoted to my desktop in the office was abysmally slow. We were all encouraged to remote to our desktops to do work. However, I also experienced connections being dropped multiple times throughout the day. After putting up with it for several weeks, I decided to establish the development environment on the work laptop that I am fortunate enough to have. The office is almost 70 miles from my home, which I believe contributed to the significant latency.

    However, I also got to see for the first time the issues users in other parts of the state have been experiencing for years. At home I pay for very good Internet speeds, so I don't believe the problem is at my end or with my Internet provider. We can easily stream two movies in HD plus have half a dozen people surfing the web, doing email, social networks, etc., all at the same time. But networking is not in my wheelhouse. I could go back to developing remoted to my desktop in the office, but then I'd be back to experiencing the dropped network connections, etc. And I'd not know if the issue was something with Visual Studio on my work laptop or network latency. Let me ask you, when this happens again, how can I determine whether it's a network latency issue or not?

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