setting visual studio variables, such as VC_LibraryPath_x64 (AGAIN)

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I asked this question previously.

I received two replies, both of which suggested that the poster had not carefully read my question (and one of which provided incorrect and irrelevant feedback).

So, I am reposting.

To be clear.

A) I have never changed the values of any of the below variables.
B) Following installation of Visual Studio 2019, I have never been able to build a project on the specified computer, because the link process cannot find the libraries that "come with" Visual Studio (e.g., LIBCMTD.lib)

The following variables are used by my projects.
However, I see no means to either see or set their values.

How do I see and set their values (some of which are clearly incorrect)?

Variables used by Visual Studio


Thanks in advance

P.S. It seems absurd if there is no easy means of examining and setting their values.

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    I am using VS 2017, the following might be different for VS 2019.

    Find the Visual Studio Installer; execute it. Click the Modify button. Is the checkbox checked for Desktop development with C++? In the right side (Installation Details) is a checkbox for a Windows SDK checked (there are multiple versions but you do not need all of them)? There are many versions of C++ to choose from, such as VC++ 2017 and Visual C++ for MFC. Which ones have you selected? If the necessary components have not been installed then they cannot be found because they do not exist and messing with the variables is a foolish mistake.