NtFreeVirtualMemory and VirtualFree (64bit)

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I'm implementing and testing myself native api but I got some problems with NtFreeVirtualMemory.

NtFreeVirtualMemory(Process.GetCurrentProcess().Handle, ptr, 0, 0x00008000); //doesn't work from ntdll

VirtualFree(ptr , (uint)0, 0x00008000); // from kernel32

I don't know why NtFreeVirtualMemory returns always access violation whereas VirtualFree works and frees the memory (I've inspected with ProcessHacker)

Any idea ?

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    This works for me =>

    IntPtr pBaseAddress = IntPtr.Zero;
    uint pSize = 4096;
    uint nStatus = NtAllocateVirtualMemory(Process.GetCurrentProcess().Handle, ref pBaseAddress, IntPtr.Zero, ref pSize, MEM_RESERVE, PAGE_READWRITE);
    if (nStatus == 0)
        nStatus = NtFreeVirtualMemory(Process.GetCurrentProcess().Handle, ref pBaseAddress, ref pSize, MEM_RELEASE);

    Declarations :

    [DllImport("NtDll.dll", SetLastError = true)]
    private static extern uint NtAllocateVirtualMemory(IntPtr ProcessHandle, ref IntPtr BaseAddress, IntPtr ZeroBits, ref uint RegionSize, uint AllocationType, uint Protect);
    [DllImport("NtDll.dll", SetLastError = true)]
    private static extern uint NtFreeVirtualMemory(IntPtr ProcessHandle, ref IntPtr BaseAddress, ref uint RegionSize, uint FreeType);
    public const int MEM_COMMIT = 0x00001000;
    public const int MEM_RESERVE = 0x00002000;
    public const int MEM_DECOMMIT = 0x00004000;
    public const int MEM_RELEASE = 0x00008000;
    public const int PAGE_NOACCESS = 0x01;
    public const int PAGE_READONLY = 0x02;
    public const int PAGE_READWRITE = 0x04;
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