How to create an internet simple database to download/upload strings from/to all devices which has the app installed

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I'm developing a personal purpose app with Xamarin Forms and I need to send to a database the Firebase Auth token which is generated in each device when the app is installed. I need this to download that token on the app in my phone and use it to send a push notification to the other phone.
Now, I'm able to send that notification, knowing the token and also I know how to get it in the owner device, so the only I need to acheive is getting this token on the other device to send through there the push notification but I dont know how to get it.
I've watching tutorials about creating an internet database and then uploading and downloading from there (as James Montemagno said in this tutorial but I don't know how to create the database to use it.
Anyone can help?? Thank you :D

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