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We are developing GPD based printer driver.
To customize the UI, we have implemented IPrintOemUI2 interface.
We have also implemented IPrintOemUni2 for the rendering part.
So, far so good. it is working fine.

Then we wanted to implement the PTPC support. For this we have implemented IPrintOemPrintTicketProvider. But unfortunately we not not getting the callbacks related to the IPrintOemPrintTicketProvider, like ConvertDevModeToPrintTicket method.

When we checked, we found that the DllGetClassObject is being called for IPrintOemUI2 & IPrintOemUni2 implementations. But for IPrintOemPrintTicketProvider implementation, the DllGetClassObject is not getting called.

Can you please let me know if i am missing any thing here. Maybe like registering the interface or some kind of hooking up?

To give more info, each interface is implemented in a separate dll.


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