Why does ProcMon 3.83's 'Edit Filter' action no longer auto-populate the top 'condition' line of the 'Filter' dialog?

Paul Johnston 16 Reputation points

Previously you could right-click on a captured entry and select 'Edit Filter blah-blah-blah' (where blah-blah-blah was the part of the entry you had right-clicked on).

This opened the 'Filter' dialog with the top line - i.e. the 'conditions' fields - auto-populated by your selection and the most appropriate other criteria.

This behaviour has now changed... v3.83 no longer auto-populates the top line 'conditions' fields of the 'Filter' dialog.

I've reverted back to an earlier version of ProcMon because (apart from the ugly new toolbar icon set) the ability to auto-populate 'conditions' fields is invaluable.

What's the justification for this change to previously longstanding behaviour... or is it a bug?

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