Is there a way that we can set the user's booking lead time to resources indefinitely?

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A user wants to book to a resources for 5 to 10 years in advance. By default, user can only book for 1,080 days. Is it possible a user can book more than that?

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Microsoft Exchange Online Management
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  1. Joyce Shen - MSFT 16,366 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi @Glen

    Like you said above, I'm afraid we are not able to increase the time for this setting, this is by design. We could refer to the introduction in Microsoft official document:

    Booking Options
    Maximum booking lead time (days): This setting specifies the maximum number of days in advance that the room can be booked. Valid input is an integer between 0 and 1080. The default value is 180 days.

    Also if we manage this through powershell, Set-CalendarProcessing: The BookingWindowInDays parameter specifies the maximum number of days in advance that the resource can be reserved. A valid value is an integer from 0 through 1080. The default value is 180 days. The value 0 means today.

    Why do you want to book the resource for so long time in advance? We may consider other workaround to this issue, like limiting users to book the resource or letting delegates to accept or decline the booking and so on. If you insist on increasing the configuration, I would suggest you feedback your scenario by opening a ticket via Admin portal: Get support

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  1. E. Heuvelmans 76 Reputation points


    To add to this, now a user has to always specify an end date for recurring meetings, which is an extra something the user needs to remind.

    For example weekly standups, monthly company updates. It's so weird that the user has to specify an end-date when these meetings are ongoing.

    In short; it annoys the hell out of them (and they come to me) and its an extra administration they need to keep track of.

    So weird that this was implemented, I truly can't think of a reason why you would like to limit companies with this.

    With kind regards,