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When you create a Shift via Microsoft Teams, there is a field for an Unpaid Break in minutes.

When this shift is retrieved via Microsoft Graph API, the Unpaid Break field is nowhere to be found.
"@odata.etag": "\"350013f7-0000-0400-0000-60d4e66a0000\"",
"id": "SHFT_273d6cb6-8a97-4e56-9012-41902a8904d6",
"createdDateTime": "2021-06-24T20:09:14.58Z",
"lastModifiedDateTime": "2021-06-24T20:09:14.58Z",
"schedulingGroupId": "TAG_28cc22dd-65df-4f3f-86aa-f5fcff11da80",
"userId": "fd4be5ff-ceeb-4f6c-8331-4324573d37f8",
"draftShift": null,
"lastModifiedBy": {
"application": null,
"device": null,
"user": {
"id": "fd4be5ff-ceeb-4f6c-8331-4324573d37f8",
"displayName": "",
"userIdentityType": "aadUser"
"sharedShift": {
"displayName": "Sleep Shift",
"notes": null,
"startDateTime": "2021-06-15T12:00:00Z",
"endDateTime": "2021-06-15T21:00:00Z",
"theme": "blue",
"activities": []

I've tried the /teams/{teamId}/schedule/shifts and /teams/{teamId}/schedule/timesOff endpoints.

How do you retrieve the Unpaid Break value via Microsoft Graph?

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