Windows 2019 server failover cluster - problems

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Good morning everybody.

We have a Hyper-v cluster on Windows 2019 datacender. In our cluster are 4 hyperv nodes. Last night I saw those warnings on out cluster:

Event ID 2050:

  • [RHS - Timeout] Resource 'Virtual Machine Cluster WMI' has not responded to the call RESOURCECONTROL:23068676. The timeout to respond has been exceeded by 16 milliseconds, taking recovery actions.

-[RHS - Timeout] Health Monitoring Failure : Resource Virtual Machine Cluster WMI is not functioning as expected. Cancelling current operation and terminating the hosting RHS process to reload and recover the resource.

  • [RCM] HandleMonitorReply: FAILURENOTIFICATION for 'Virtual Machine Cluster WMI', gen(0) result 4/0.
  • [RCM] Canceling pending control UNKNOWN (0n23068676 0x1600004 ) obj: (0n1 RESOURCE) flags: .MU., code: (0n1 0x1) access: (0n0 Any) for resource 'Virtual Machine Cluster WMI' due to monitor crash.
    • [MRR] Node 4: CRITICAL: 1 outstanding requests for this node, average mrr age: 2:43.547, max mrr age: 2:43.547 (rid: 34531513, stagglers: (3))

Error: event id 2051

  • [RES] Virtual Machine Cluster WMI <Virtual Machine Cluster WMI>: 'Virtual Machine Cluster WMI' failed to take cluster WMI provider offline during the initialization of the resource: Catastrophic failure (0x8000FFFF).

Do you know what could cause those warnings / errors ? Tahnk you for helping me.

Windows Server 2019
Windows Server 2019
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Windows Server Clustering
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  1. Yuhan Deng 3,761 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Based on my understanding, you can ignore the logs.Event 2050 exists in Cluster Diagnostic log, if the cluster is running well, the event 2050 can be ignored.
    Similar case for your reference:

    Thanks for your time.
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