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How to load an EDID file on the GPU in an Azure NC6 VM?


I'm writing an application which runs on the Azure VM and captures the desktop with Microsoft Desktop Duplication API. I RDP into the VM, start my application and the frames get captured. When I exit RDP, the screen goes black. After much research, I realized this is because it does not have a monitor and when I exit RDP, there is essentially no display adapter.

After further research, it appears you can load an EDID.txt file on the Nvidia GPU to fake a display (the Nvidia NVWMI SDK actually has a PowerShell script to do that, although it can also be done in the Nvidia control panel under the "Topology" tab).

When I open up the Nvidia Control Panel, there is no "topology" tab on the VM. I am unable to load up an EDID file and fake a display for capturing the desktop without being RDP-ed into the VM. I know on AWS this can be fixed by using NICE DVC instead of RDP, which starts a virtual display (for a VM running Tesla M60, just like the NC6).

My question is: How can I make the "topology" tab be accessible on the NC6 VM so that I can load an EDID file, or is there another recommended way to fake a display / use the VM built-in virtual display to make desktop duplication API work?


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