How to get Performance Counters of my network managed routers

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I exported a management pack from SCOM and i wanted to check the rules and the scripts executing behind those rules. But it seems i can only check Raw XML code..

The reason for this is that i'm trying to get Performance Counters of my routers through Powershell SNMP ComObject.: "New-Object -ComObject olePrn.OleSNMP". But it seems that the OID that the management pack uses to monitor CPU performance for example, does not work when trying to execute a SNMP.get through powershell using that specific OID.

My question then, is how can i get the performance counters of my network managed routers?

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  1. João Silva 21 Reputation points

    The Routers in question are 7206VXR from Cisco. Ran a SNMP Walk in scom on one of the devices and tried to find the following OID for the % cpu utilization inside the device.walk file:

    OID: . - cpmCPUTotal5min Processor CurrentUtilization - "Network Management - Core Monitoring" Management Pack

    It seems that i can't find that specific oid inside the .walk file, but in the network summary dashboard, one of the widgets contains the nodes with highest cpu usage. So i don't understand how i can't find the specific performance counter in the device, but exists in the dashboard?

    Can someone help me understand this?

    Thanks in advance.


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