Server 2019 Print Services Error 808 and 215 access denied

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I stood up a print server with Windows Server 2019 and added the Print Services role. it's also a fax server with a few internal modems.
although functional it has bugs.

  1. logged in as domain admin, I repeatedly get "access denied" errors on anything from checking printer network ports to adding drivers. even after adding the account to the local print operators group.
  2. we use HP LaserJet printer and the PCL drivers always print a extra page with a PCL error:
    PCL XL error
    Subsytem: Kernel
    Error: Illegal Tag
    Operator: 0x40
    Position: 693
    other no-HP printers do not print these extra pages.
  3. all printer were added by IP address, but Windows converted these to WSD Ports, which I find to be unpredictable.
  4. To get around the PCL error I attempted to add versions with Post Script drivers, to limited success. I tried to add a new laser jet share with PS drivers and got the access denied error.
  5. the print spooler for each shared printer can hold onto jobs days or weeks old. the printer is printing bu these jobs sit in the queue until deleted. I have no idea if they actually printed.
  6. the PrintService events are columns of 808 Events
  7. my old server 2008 fax server would get the incoming fax ID information and the new server has never done that. it's a useful feature.
  8. SFC and DISM find no corruption so they don't fix anything. Permissions seem to be a thread tying these issues together, maybe someone has had this experience also.
Windows Server Printing
Windows Server Printing
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