Outlook for Android の添付暗号化zip が解凍できない問題の対応可能時期について

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2021年4月頃より、弊社のお客様から Android デバイス の Outlook で添付暗号化Zipファイルが解凍できないとの問い合わせが急増しました。以前は添付Zip をタップすると、サードパーティの解凍アプリに共有して開くことができました。
今はOutlook のエラー画面が開き、そこから他アプリに共有するボタンも何もないため、解凍不可となっています。

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Outlook Management
Outlook: A family of Microsoft email and calendar products.Management: The act or process of organizing, handling, directing or controlling something.
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  1. Cheong00 3,471 Reputation points

    That said, have you tried to get a copy of "those files cannot be opened" from your IT staffs for that system, and try to transfer it to the phone that cannot open it by other ways, and then try to open it there.

    If it works, then the ZIP App have no problem, and the problem can be:

    1. The open handler of ZIP file on the phone does not set correctly.
    2. The mail server removed the ZIP file thinking it can be dangerous, so what you see is dummy link (but in this case, the user should have problem open it from desktop mail clients as well)

    Otherwise that would be bug on ZIP App, and you may advise the user to try another one and see if it works. (If you have Android phone, be sure to test some of these files before recommend to the user)

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  2. Kuben 1 Reputation point



    Thank you for your reply.

    Previously the compressed files cannot be opened from the outlook in android/IOS phones.

    In 2016 Microsoft Office 365 sales team requested us to develop an 3rd party app for opening the compressed files.

    Now this sales team is currently not in contact, hence we couldn’t report this problem via a proper channel.

    So we are the owner of the app responsible to open the compressed files.

    Our app is listed as an partner productivity app to support the core Intune App Protection Policy settings in Microsoft Intune protected apps.

    Now there are more than 1 Lakh customers with our app.

    Seems like outlook app will try to open ZIP files by itself

    Till the current outlook version 4.2127.3, Microsoft outlook does not open the compressed files. “will try to open ZIP files itself” – Can you please let us know the expected date of release. If that is a future plan of Microsoft, Till the release it should support the previously supporting apps too. But it is not so. Could you please tell us why?

    you can only tell your customers to save it to local to open

    According to the intune policy of Microsoft, the enterprises can choose to allow their users to allow/disallow the organizational data to Local/OneDrive/SharePoint. Our customer base is mostly based on Japan and all the Japanese organization restrict data to be saved in local. So suggesting to save in local is an severe intune policy violation according to Microsoft and the customers. Please check the attached screen shot for your reference.

    Problem in ZIP file.

    The same password protected ZIP file is opening until outlook 4.2041.3 version but not in the current version 4.2127.3. So according to our understanding it is a bug in Microsoft rather than ZIP file as It is working fine even if you downgrade your Outlook now. Can you please suggest where we are missing our understanding.

    Letting our customers not to use ZIP

    There are 1 Lakh customers invested in our app. Having problem with the Microsoft app and telling the customers to save in local would be a strong Intune violation. Also ZIP is a widely used app for compressing and sharing files in Japan. The customers are receiving emails out of their organization too. Are you suggesting us to inform the 1 lakh customers and their customers who are all sending mails to them has to informed about not sending ZIP files?

    Looking forward to your reply eagerly. Hope you could let this know to the technical team who can speak with us. We would like to speak with someone who has better understanding about the Intune, Intune policies and Microsoft.

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  3. Kuben 1 Reputation point

    Adding additional replies...

    Microsoft product mobile support team, asks to raise it as a new feature, instead of a calling it a bug.

    Is it right to call it as a new feature for a feature which was working fine already. If in future, if the send button doesn't work suddenly and if we raise a concern for it. Will we be asked to add it in the feedback section to consider as a new feature and wait till the feature is discussed internally and sanctioned and implemented.

    ZIP is a most commonly used app in countries like Japan. Hence the impact is for a particular region people, it is being neglected.

    Till outlook 4.2041.3 version this function was included. If we downgrade to this version and try to open the same ZIP file it will be opened. In this current version of Outlook if we open password encrypted ZIP file it gives an error saying "can't open folder looks like this may be encrypted". But in the previous mentioned version of you open a password encrypted ZIP file it says choose an app to open if you have a 3rd party app to open zip file or it says you don't have any apps installed to open.

    Till outlook 4.2041.3 version, when a compressed file is clicked a dialog box opens like the pic attached.

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  4. Kuben 1 Reputation point

    Adding additional replies...

    Microsoft product outlook mobile support team, asks to Reproduction Video for previous Outlook Version

    Here, I have attached the following url link for previous outlook version(4.2041.3) working evidence video (Reproduction).
    And also attached not working current outlook version(4.2129.1) video.


    I hope better to understand this issue.

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  5. Kuben 1 Reputation point

    Hello All

    We are happy to inform you that, the issue is resolved after 3 months of struggles.
    Finally Microsoft has made corrections to adhere Microsoft Intune policy!

    Microsoft Intune support team was of great help in resolving this issue.

    We are so much thankful for the persons who had helped or given any piece of lead which drove us to the right path.

    Now we are able to access all the encrypted files from Outlook for Android without any issues.

    Thank you

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