ASR - Minium 99GB of ram on Windows VM

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I'm running some tests with ASR integrated with vmware environment.
Until I upgrade the configuration server and process server to last version,, I was able to protect windows VMs without any trouble.
But after I upgrade to, when I try to protect Windows VMs, asr portal show me an error: "The memory on the machine is less than 1GB...", but the VM has 6GB of ram.
Looking at configuration server logs, I found the logs from this specific VM protection, and there it shows that the prerequisite amount of memory for the VM is 99GB.
So, I did an upgrade on this windows VM from 6GB of ram to 105GB, than I was able to enable protection.
I've attached some screenshots from the log and asr portal.
I think there is an error/bug into ASR software.
Anybody can help me report to MS developers?


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Azure Site Recovery
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  1. SadiqhAhmed-MSFT 39,136 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    @Henrique Passarelli Recommend you to try the following:

    open a command prompt c:> dir /s /b Microsoft-ASR_UA_9.43*

    Go to folder

    You will find Microsoft-ASR_UA_9.43.0.0_Windows_GA_16Jul2021_release.exe in this location

    Extract installer as follows

    Microsoft-ASR_UA_9.43.0.0_Windows_GA_16Jul2021_release.exe /q /x:setup
    It will extract installer inside setup folder


    Remove following


        "CheckName": "MachineMemoryCheck",  
        "OperationName" : "PreCheckMachineMemoryValidation",  
        "IsMandatory" : "true",  
        "Params": {  
    		"RequiredMemoryInGB": "0.99"  


    Now run installer
    UnifiedAgentInstaller.exe "/Platform" "Vmware" "/Silent" "/Role" "MS" "/InstallLocation" "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Azure Site Recovery"
    It will install the product.
    open a command prompt and go to agent installation folder.

    Now run configurator
    c:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Azure Site Recovery\agent>UnifiedAgentConfigurator.exe


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