Why Can't I get sql 2019 to restore from backup files

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When we do the restore for the SQL 2019 DB, when selecting the device and going to the DB Backup file and add it. it says no Backup set selected. what could we be doing wrong. It worked great for a long time , but now noting. And we have tried different DB BU files and even ones i have use to restore before.

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  1. YufeiShao-msft 7,061 Reputation points

    Hi @Kevin Harris

    It's best to show the error screenshot to locate the error
    For your description, No Backupset Selected to be Restore maybe because:

    1、you are trying to restore your database to a lower version of sql server

    2、The backup file is unreadable or corrupted,you can use the following script to confirm

    3、it may also be the permission of your account, please check your account permissions,


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  1. Erland Sommarskog 102.2K Reputation points

    The simple version of RESTORE is:

    RESTORE DATABASE db FROM DISK = 'C:\somepath\somefile.bak'

    If you are taking a copy of a database from a different server, the path for the files may not work, and in this case, you get an error. In this case, you need to use the WITH MOVE clause:

    RESTORE DATABASE db FROM DISK = 'C:\somepath\somefile.bak'
    WITH MOVE 'db' TO 'D:\somdatapath\db.mdf',
        MOVE 'db_log' TO 'D:\somelogpath\db.ldf',

    In this command 'db' is the logical name of the data file. This often the same as the database name, but not always. 'db_log' is the logical name of the log file, and again this is often the database name with _log tacked on, but not always.

    If these names do not work, you can use this command:

    RESTORE FILELISTONLY FROM DISK = 'C:\somepath\somefile.bak'

    And you will have the logical files in the first column.

    When it comes to the paths for the database files (those that follows TO), you may or may not where to put them. When in doubt, run sp_helpdb on another database and copy the paths for this database and changes. The file-name part should preferably agree with the database name and with .mdf for the data file and .ldf for the log file.

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