OID Table discovery and SCOM 2019

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Hi guys !

Now I am creating a Management Pack to monitor a Cisco WLC3500 wireless controller. The one and the main issue for me is to check the table with AP , find their indexes and create objects . Yes I have known about a REALLY GREAT Daniel Grandini's arcticle


Moreover I read it a lot of times...but personally I am not like the approach when I have to use a third-party software ( A Libra Esva MP where snmpwalk dicovery was implemented). There are a lot of chages have been happened since the time the article was written .So my question is pretty simple -

Does SCOM2019 have a new internal SNMP OID walk-aware discovery similar to the one in Libra Esva MP ? Or snmpwalk probe able to find indexes in OID table ?

Thanks for any answer

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    No, it doesn't. And yes, using SNMP tables in SCOM is a HUGE pain in th *ss.

    What I personally use is a custom module composed with a native SNMP probe and then a powershell probe. I pass the whole property bag from the SNMP probe to the powershell probe using only "$Data$" as the parameter value, and then use powershell to work with the whole propertybag's xml code.
    That technique was initially quickly described by Vladimir Zelenov (bobgreen84) in the comments section of another of Daniele's article : https://nocentdocent.wordpress.com/2014/07/05/one-module-to-rule-them-all-a-custom-scom-managed-module-sysctr/
    I described a somewhat more detailed version of that technique on my own blog, but unfortunately in french only : https://blog.piservices.fr/post/2019/03/30/SCOM-La-variable-$Data$-ou-comment-utiliser-Powershell-nimporte-ou-dans-un-module
    Maybe a quick google translate plus the code examples will still provide you some help, otherwise don't hesitate to ask more questions if you're struggling with it ;)

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    Bon nuit Cylille !

    A mille merci a vous !
    Mais oui mon frere je parle a petit, ou je comprene vous a petit .

    I have learnt French in high school so I am able to read it and speak a little so reading of your article will be a real pleasure to me .
    Thanks for your answer , I will follow it . Also I hope that SCOM developpers will implement SNMPwalk discovery as quick as they could !

    Thanks a lot !


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