Multiple DML statements inside WITH (CTE) query

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In PostgreSQL you can do this:

WITH querycte AS (...
), test AS (
  SELECT func1() WHERE EXISTS (SELECT true FROM querycte)
), updated AS (
  UPDATE some_table SET column = value WHERE...
), inserted AS (
  INSERT INTO some_other_table
  SELECT scalar1, scalar2, id
  FROM updated
  (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM updated) AS updated_count,
  (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM inserted) AS inserted_count;

How would you do this in SQL Server? SQL Server does not appear to support the RETURNING clause, which makes getting id values from initial DML into subsequent DML impossible?

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    See RETURNING Clause in INSERT for C# - Oracle to SQL Server Migration - SQLines Tools. It says:

    In SQL Server, you can use the OUTPUT clause in a INSERT statement to return the assigned ID.

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