UWP re-Add-ProvisionedAppxPackage error 183

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hello everyone
I developed UWP packages and get 2 version appxupload_Windows10_PreinstallKit package from store like test_UWP_1.0.0.1 and test_UWP_1.0.0.2
and here's dism Provision cmds:

dism /online /Add-ProvisionedAppxPackage /PackagePath:"eec630fe5f094bbd86377c8eddd0e5f5.appxbundle" /Region="all" /LicensePath:"eec630fe5f094bbd86377c8eddd0e5f5_License1.xml" /DependencyPackagePath:"Microsoft.VCLibs.140.00_14.0.29231.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe.appx"

dism /online /Add-ProvisionedAppxPackage /PackagePath:"e3377a383d4a499892e7e979bca86eb4.appxbundle" /Region="all" /LicensePath:"e3377a383d4a499892e7e979bca86eb4_License1.xml" /DependencyPackagePath:"Microsoft.VCLibs.140.00_14.0.29231.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe.appx"

install test_UWP_1.0.0.1_pre_install.bat, then test_UWP_1.0.0.2_pre_install.bat is ok,

I manual right click on start menu to uninstall app test_UWP_1.0.0.2

back version to test_UWP_1.0.0.1_pre_install.bat but Error:

Error: 183

Unspecified error

The DISM log file can be found at C:\WINDOWS\Logs\DISM\dism.log

check with dism.log

Failed while adding package test_UWP_1.0.0.1 since an equal or higher version of the package, test_UWP_1.0.0.2, already exists

question here, why test_UWP_1.0.0.2, already exists? even I have uninstalled

and try click eec630fe5f094bbd86377c8eddd0e5f5.appxbundle (test_UWP_1.0.0.1) directly install is ok

It's means that cant downgrade via "dism /online /Add-ProvisionedAppxPackage" ?

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  1. Roy Li - MSFT 32,486 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor


    Welcome to Microsoft Q&A!

    We don't recommend installing UWP apps using a script. Please manually install UWP apps using the App installer or download them from the Microsoft Store.

    why test_UWP_1.0.0.2, already exists? even I have uninstalled

    The ProvisionedAppxPackage command you used will install the app for every user account of your OS. When you just uninstall it from the current user, the version is still installed in other user accounts.

    It's means that cant downgrade via "dism /online /Add-ProvisionedAppxPackage" ?

    Yes, that is the answer.

    Thank you.

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  1. Frank Draw 0 Reputation points

    all command neet run with administrator prompt.

    Step 1: Get UWP's Package with PowerShell command : # use IGCC for Demo.

    dism /online /get-provisionedappxpackages
    Getting the list of app packages (.appx or .appxbundle) in this image...  
    DisplayName : AppUp.IntelGraphicsExperience 
    Version : 1.100.4478.0 
    Architecture : neutral 
    ResourceId : ~ 
    PackageName : AppUp.IntelGraphicsExperience_1.100.4478.0_neutral_~_8j3eq9eme6ctt
    Regions : all

    Step 2 : Remove the UWP with PowerShell command :

    After "Package" prompt ,input the IGCC's PackageName. Then press Enter to comfirm .

    Remove-AppxPackage -AllUsers
    cmdlet Remove-AppxPackage at command pipeline position 1
    Supply values for the following parameters:
    Package: AppUp.IntelGraphicsExperience_1.100.4478.0_neutral_~_8j3eq9eme6ctt
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